Seminar Computational Aspects of Strong Interaction Physics (WS 2014/15)

A. Arcones, J. Braun, M. Buballa, H.-W. Hammer, K. Hebeler, G. Martinez-Pinedo, R. Roth, J. Wambach

Do 15:20 h, S2|11 - 010


DatumThemaVortrag ReferentBetreuer
27.11.14 Monte Carlo Integration for Expectation Values in Nuclear Physics [pdf] J. Pforr H.-W. Hammer
04.12.14 Large-Scale Matrix Eigenvalue Problems: No-Core Shell Model et al. [pdf] [nb] C. Klos R. Roth
11.12.14 Quantum Monte Carlo calculations for nuclei [pdf] [nb] L. Mertes R. Roth
18.12.14 Numerical solution of the Faddeev equations [pdf] S. Dentinger H.-W. Hammer
22.01.15 Quantum Chromodynamics on the Lattice [pdf] T. Jahn J. Wambach
29.01.15 Maximum Entropy Analysis of Spectral Functions [pdf] V. Klaer M. Buballa
05.02.15 Stiff systems of differential equations: Astrophysical reaction networks [pdf] [nb] S. Greif G. Martinez-Pinedo
12.02.15 Computational methods for Astrophysical fluid flows [pdf] S. Sander A. Arcones/A. Perego