Open Quantum Systems: From atomic nuclei to ultracold atoms and quantum optics

ECT*, Trento, Italy from Monday, July 10, 2017 to Friday, July 14, 2017.



Small open quantum systems are intensely studied in various fields of physics (nuclear, atomic, and molecular physics; mesoscopic physics; quantum optics, etc.). The properties of such systems are profoundly affected by their environment, and in particular, by the continuum of their decay and inelastic scattering channels. In spite of their specific features, they also display generic properties that are common to all weakly bound/unbound systems close to threshold. The objective of this workshop, the fifth in a series, is to bring together various physics communities, which are addressing similar universal few- and many-body phenomena and using common concepts and methodologies.


Programme outline

The workshop is cross-disciplinary, and our intention is to avoid separating the fields in the schedule. Each day will contain a mix of various topics, but we will try to group on common themes for presentations representing different fields. We want to promote broad discussions and enhance collaboration among the workshop participants. We plan to start each day with a longer (45+15 min) overview talk. The topics of these presentations are: Particle physics, Nuclear physics, Ultracold atoms, Quantum optics. We will ask the overview speakers to spend a large fraction of their presentation on an introduction into the physics of open quantum systems in that particular field. These oversview talks should serve as an introduction for the non-experts in the audience and as a baseline for the other talks at the workshop. Remaining talks will be slightly shorter (30+15 min) and focus on recent developments and hot topics. Lunch breaks will be long enough for extended discussions. The workshop will end on Friday at lunch.

Preliminary list of invited speakers

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