Pierre Arthuis

Pierre Arthuis

Room S2|11 206
+49 6151 16 21556

Areas of Research

  • Nuclear many-body problem
  • Automated tools for diagrammatic methods
  • Symmetry-breaking methods

Academic CV

2008 - 2010:
Classes préparatoires studies at Lycée Saint Louis, Paris
2010 - 2015:
Diploma studies in Engineering at École Centrale de Nantes
2012 - 2014:
Master studies in Physics at TU Darmstadt
Master's degree in Physics, thesis title: "The Three-Neutron System in Pionless Effective Field Theory"
Diploma in Engineering
2015 - 2018:
Doctoral studies in CEA Paris-Saclay, CEA DAM and Université Paris-Saclay
Doctoral degree, thesis title: "Bogoliubov Many-Body Perturbation Theory for Nuclei: Systematic Generation and Evaluation of Diagrams and First ab initio Calculations"
2018 - 2020:
Postdoctoral researcher at University of Surrey
since 2020:
Postdoctoral researcher at TU Darmstadt


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