Phase Transitions and Renormalization Group

Phase Transitions and Renormalization Group


Kai Hebeler
S2|11 101, Tel. -21541
Office hours: Wed, 15:00-16:00

This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of the Renormalization Group and application to different fields in physics. A special focus is put on the theoretical description of phase transitions and critical phenomena. The lecture will be held in English, but questions and discussions in German are of course welcome.


  • No lecture on June 7 (TU meet & move)
  • Time schedule:
    Mo, 9:50-11:30, room: S103/209
    Mi, 11:40-13:20, room: S115/133


  1. Introduction
    lecture notes, Video1: critical point, Video2: critical point
  2. Review of crucial parts of statistical physics
    lecture notes
  3. Phase transitions
    lecture notes
  4. Mean field theory
    lecture notes, slides
  5. Introduction to the concepts of the Renormalization Group
    lecture notes, slides, Kenneth Wilson: Problems in physics with many scales of length,
    Ising model: Mathematica notebook
  6. Applications of the Renormalization Group
    lecture notes, slides, Kosterlitz-Thouless: Mathematica notebook

    Theresa Lindner: Self-Similarity And The Random Walk
    Timon Dörnfeld: The Similarity Renormalization Group
    Johannes Reinhard: Perkolation, Simulation of water diffusion through porous rook
    Lara Becker: Feigenbaum, Chaos und die RG



Goldenfeld, Lectures on phase transitions and the renormalization group
Creswick, Farach, Poole, Introduction to renormalization group methods in physics
Pathria, Beale, Statistical Mechanics
Kopietz, Bartosch, Schütz, Introduction to the Functional Renormalization Group
Zinn-Justin, Phase transitions and renormalization group
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