Nuclear Theory / Theoretische Kernphysik

Nuclear Theory / Theoretische Kernphysik


Achim Schwenk
S2|11 205, Tel. -64235

Co-instructor (also available for questions and help):

Kai Hebeler
S2|11 101, Tel. -75994

This course provides an introduction to modern nuclear theory. The lecture will be held in English, as all references are in English; questions and discussions in German are of course welcome. The homework problems will be designed to improve the understanding of and to explore the topics covered in the lecture.
General Information


  1. Guiding principles and introduction to nuclei and strong interactions
    notes and slides
  2. Basics of QCD, the theory of the strong interaction
    notes, slides
  3. Nuclear forces: scattering and bound states
    notes *
  4. Low resolution: pionless effective field theory
    notes *
  5. Many-body basics
  6. Many-body methods for strongly interacting systems
  7. High resolution: chiral effective field theory
* Lecture notes by R.J Furnstahl and A. Schwenk. These are work in progress (not for further distribution) and include also material not covered in the lectures.

Homework sets

Homework Set 1, Mathematica notebook: Square-Well Scattering
Homework Set 2, Solutions

For other homework problems, see


Lecture notes in form of latexed chapters and additional reading material will be provided. An extensive set of material is also given on the homepage of the TALENT/INT Course on Nuclear Forces in the form of lectures and references.
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