Nuclear Theory / Theoretische Kernphysik

Nuclear Theory / Theoretische Kernphysik


Achim Schwenk
S2|11 205, Tel. -21550
Office hours: Wed, 14:30-16:00

This course provides an introduction to modern nuclear theory. The lecture will be held in English, as all references are in English; questions and discussions in German are of course welcome. The homework problems will be designed to improve the understanding of and to explore the topics covered in the lecture.


  • Next office hours for exercise groups on Monday, Jan. 30, at 9:00 and Thursday, Feb. 2, at 9:00, in room 207 of S2|11.
  • Next date of exercise groups for homework set: Feb. 3
  • Second bonus test on Feb. 10.


  1. Introduction to nuclei and strong interactions
    lecture notes
  2. Nuclear forces: scattering and bound states
    lecture notes (preliminary/incomplete)
  3. Effective theories for low energies
  4. Many-body basics
  5. Many-body methods for nuclei and nuclear matter
  6. Chiral effective field theory for nuclear forces and applications to nuclei
    Notes on OPE interaction


Exercise groups

AFri, 9:50-11:30S2|11 207
BFri, 9:50-11:30S1|01 A2


Lecture notes will be provided. An extensive set of material is also given at
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