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Accommodation information

The registration and reception begin on Sunday evening, January 14, at 5:00 p.m.
The workshop is finished on Friday night, January 19, and participants leave Saturday morning, January 20.

Day of arrival: January , 2018
Day of departure: January , 2018

Please choose an accommodation from the list below

Darmstädter Haus
(mountain lodge, full board, the whole week January 14 - 20 must be paid, payment in cash only; prices per person and week)
  • single room, not all with ensuite bathroom (w/ bathroom: 400 €, w/o bathroom: 340 €)   booked out
  • double room, ensuite bathroom ( 300 €)
  • four-person room, ensuite bathroom ( 260 €)
We try to accommodate as many participants as possible in the Darmstädter Haus.
Number of accompanying persons: (should be 0 if you do not bring along accompanying persons)
Hotel/boarding house
(which you need to book yourself!) We have collected a list of nearby hotels and boarding houses (see map for locations).

In addition we charge a workshop fee of 150 €.


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