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20. 08. 2019 at 14:00
S2 11/207

SFB Colloquium

Lucas Platter (University of Tennessee)
Electroweak processes in effective field theory

Electroweak processes provide a unique way of testing nuclear models and the description of the coupling of external currents to nuclei. I will discuss recent progress in the calculation of electroweak processes in the few-body sector. In particular, electroweak capture reactions that also involve the Coulomb interaction are hard to measure experimentally since the cross section is exponentially suppressed due to the Coulomb repulsion. Specifically, I will focus on proton-proton fusion the initial reaction that starts the proton-proton chain reaction network that is generating energy in the sun. I will also address how this reaction is related to muon capture on the deuteron, an experimentally measurable process. For both of these processes, I will also illustrate different methods to quantify the uncertainties of our predictions. If time permits, I will also discuss our recent progress in calculate the decay rate for beta-delayed proton decay of Beryllium-11.


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SFB Colloquium

on 20. 08. 2019 at 14:00
(S2 11/207)
Lucas Platter
Electroweak processes in effective field theory
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