Research interests

Speed of sound in QCD matter by Benedikt Schallmo, Andreas Geißel et al.
Fermion matrix of a four-fermion theory on a 3+1 dimensional spacetime lattice with 3 temporal and 3^3 spatial lattice sites by Florian Ehmann
Lukas Rammelmüller presenting his research at QSEC 2019 in Heidelberg
Results by Jonas Stoll, Niklas Zorbach and others.
Density equation of state providing a proof of concept for the pairing field formalism in ultracold gases. Calculation by Florian Ehmann, preprint soon available at arXiv:TBA
Our groups research is mainly concerned with
  • Renormalization Group (RG), flow equations
  • Gauge Theories
  • Strongly-coupled fermionic systems
  • QCD phase diagram
  • Cold atomic gases
  • Many-body physics
  • Lattice Field Theory
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