Recent Thesis Projects

Recent Thesis Projects

The following thesis projects have recently been completed in this group. if you are interested in writing a thesis here, do not hesitate to contact us

December 2021

Zustandssumme von ultrakalten Fermigasen
Partition Function of Ultracold Fermi Gases

Philipp Quoss, B. Sc.

February 2021

Towards the Equation of State for Neutron Stars

Andreas Geißel, M. Sc.

February 2021

Symmetry Breaking in Dense QCD Matter

Timon Dörnfeld, M. Sc.

October 2020

Funktionaler Renormierungsgruppenzugang für Untersuchungen von Kernmaterie
Functional Renormalization Group Approach to Studies of Nuclear Matter

Malte Pieper, B. Sc.

March 2020

Stochastische Berechnung von Spektralfunktionen
Stochastic Calculation of Spectral Functions

Juliane Helbich, B. Sc.

December 2019

Equation of State of QCD at Intermediate Densities

Benedikt Schallmo, M. Sc.

December 2019

Scaling Behavior in Dense Matter

Sebastian Töpfel, M. Sc.

December 2019

Exploring Imbalanced Fermi Gases with Stochastic Quantization

Lukas Rammelmüller, Dr. rer. nat.

November 2019

From Hot to Cold, from Dense to Dilute – Renormalization Group Studies of Strongly-Interacting Matter

Martin Pospiech, Dr. rer. nat.

Oktober 2019

Phase Structure and Equation of State of Dense Strong-Interaction Matter

Marc Leonhardt, Dr. rer. nat.

August 2019

Ground-State Equation of State of Spin-Polarized Unitary Fermi Gases

Florian Ehmann, M. Sc.

Januar 2019

Stochastic Calculation of Self-Bound Quantum Mechanical States

Felix Hermsen, B. Sc.

August 2018

Langevin-Approach to Quantum Mechanics

Fabian Brauneis, B. Sc.

November 2016

From Microscopic Interactions to Density Functionals

Sandra Kemler, Dr. rer. nat.

November 2016

Constraining low-energy models of QCD from fundamental interactions

Paul Springer, Dr. rer. nat. (together with N. Kaiser, TU Munich)

December 2015

Renormalisation Group Approach to Density Functional Theory for One- dimensional Fermions

Martin Pospiech, M. Sc.

July 2016

Phase Structure of Strongly Correlated Fermi Gases

Dietrich Roscher, Dr. rer. nat.

February 2015

Über die Existenz inhomogener Phasen im Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Modell
On the Existence of Inhomogenous Phases in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Model

Maurice Weiler, B. Sc.

December 2014

On Confinement Effects in Chiral Dynamics

Marc Leonhardt, M. Sc.

December 2014

Magnetische Katalyse in der Quantenchromodynamik
Magnetic Catalysis in Quantum Chromodynamics

Walid Mian, M. Sc.

November 2014

On Quantum Critical Phenomena in Many-Flavour Quantum Chromodynamics

Niklas Dittmann, M. Sc.

June 2014

On the Existence of Inhomogeneous Phases in a Finite Volume

Stefan Finkbeiner, M. Sc.

January 2014

Phasenübergänge in ultrakalten spinpolarisierten Fermigasen im Massenungleichgewicht
Phase Transitions in Ultracold Spin-Polarized Fermi Gases with Mass Imbalance

Stefan Alexa, B. Sc.

December 2013

Phasen stark wechselwirkender spinpolarisierter Fermi-Gase in harmonischen Teilchenfallen
Phases of Strongly Interacting Spin-Polarized Fermi Gases in Harmonic Particle Traps

Thomas Jahn, B. Sc.

November 2013

Spin-polarisierte Fermigase im Massenungleichgewicht
Spin-Polarized Fermi Gases with Mass Imbalance

Martin Pospiech, B. Sc.

June 2013

Renormierungsgruppenzugang zur Dichtefunktionaltheorie
Renormalization Group Approach to Density Functional Theory

Sandra Kemler, M. Sc.

June 2013

Berechnung von Grundzustandsenergien im Limes N->∞
Computation of Ground State Energies in the Limit N->∞

Matthias Bartelmeß, B. Sc.

October 2012

Analyse von Spektren quantenmechanischer Systeme mittels der funktionalen Renormierungsgruppe
Analysis of Spectra of Quantum Mechanical Systems Using the Functional Renormalization Group

Marc Leonhardt, B. Sc.

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