Thesis projects

Thesis projects

Open Bachelor, Master and PhD positions:
If you are interested to join our group please contact Prof. Dr. Jens Braun.

Completed theses

Here you can find our completed Ph.D., master, diploma and bachelor theses.

Ph.D. theses:

Master theses:

  • Renormalisation Group Approach to Density Functional Theory for One-Dimensional Fermions
    Martin Pospiech, Master thesis, TU Darmstadt, December 2015
  • On Confinement Effects on Chiral Dynamics
    Marc Leonhardt, Master thesis, TU Darmstadt, December 2014
  • Magnetische Katalyse in der Quantenchromodynamik
    Walid Ahmed Mian, Master thesis, TU Darmstadt, December 2014
  • On Quantum Critical Phenomena in Many-Flavour Quantum Chromodynamics
    Niklas Dittmann, Master thesis, TU Darmstadt, November 2014
  • On the Existence of Inhomogeneous Phases in a Finite Volume
    Stefan Finkbeiner, Master thesis, TU Darmstadt, July 2014
  • Renormierungsgruppen-Zugang zur Dichtefunktionaltheorie
    Sandra Kemler, Master thesis, TU Darmstadt, June 2013

Diploma theses:

  • Chirale Symmetriebrechung in 2+1-dimensionaler QED
    Dietrich Roscher, Diploma thesis, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, July 2012
  • The Impact of Confining Dynamics on Chiral Symmetry Breaking in QCD
    Alexander Janot, Diploma thesis, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, June 2010
  • Phasenübergänge und kritische Dynamik in endlichen Volumina
    Piotr Piasecki, Diploma thesis, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, May 2010

Bachelor theses:

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