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17. 06. 2021 at 14:00

SFB Colloquium

Javier Menendez (University of Barcelona)
Nuclear neutrinoless double-beta decay: new ideas for improved matrix elements

Atomic nuclei could neutrinoless double-beta (0nbb) decay by emitting
two electrons, reaching a final nucleus with two more protons and two
fewer neutrons than the initial one. Such process, therefore, creates
two matter particles (electrons), violating the lepton number
conservation of the Standard Model, which is possible if neutrinos are
their own antiparticles. 0nbb decay has not been observed so far, but
due to its unique potential to shed light on physics beyond the
Standard Model, several collaborations worldwide are actively pursuing
its detection. The interpretation of 0nbb experiments, however, depends
on the nuclear matrix elements (NME) that govern the 0nbb decay rate,
but these are poorly known. This theoretical uncertainty limits
severely the exploitation of 0nbb experiments.
I will present two ways to overcome this limitation and improve our
understanding of 0nbb nuclear matrix elements. First, I will show the
potential to learn about 0nbb by measuring double Gamow-Teller
transitions in double charge-exchange reactions, or electromagnetic
double-gamma decays. Second, I will discuss the contribution of a
previously neglected short-range nuclear matrix element that can impact
significantly the 0nbb decay rate.

24. 06. 2021 at 14:00

SFB Colloquium

Thomas Papenbrock (University of Tennessee)



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SFB Colloquium

on 17. 06. 2021 at 14:00
Javier Menendez
Nuclear neutrinoless double-beta decay: new ideas for improved matrix elements
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