Group meetings

Group meetings

Group meetings take place on Thursdays at 10:00 in the seminar room on the second floor.

Research talks

Jul 22TylerConstraining allowed PTs in high-density QCD
Jul 30PierreConfiguration-Interaction Monte Carlo with 3NF
Aug 02MargaridaExcited states from eigenvector continuation: the anharmonic oscillator
Sep 02Rodric Triton beta decay with chiral EFT currents
Sep 09AlexLow-rank chiral interactions - Factorisation techniques in many-body theory
Sep 23Corbinian virtual farewell
Sep 29FlorianEffects of Phase Transitions on the Mass-Radius Relation of Neutron Stars
Oct 07Lars Ab initio and DFT (again)
Oct 18Matthias A sparse approach to the IMSRG: Status and problems
Oct 21Kai
Oct 28Jan
Nov 04Jonas
Nov 11     Catharina
Nov 18Achim

Journal Club

The primary goal is: to fill in gaps in knowledge of nuclear physics matters to develop group members into more well-rounded nuclear physicists.
The parallel goal is: to paint a picture regarding modern perspectives, outlooks, and approaches to answering fundamental questions in nuclear physics.
This means the fundamentals will still be covered but the club will approach topics in 2-3 meeting modules that will each build towards an interesting recent paper.

Past research talks

Jul 08 Sabrina Constraining Neutron-Star Matter with Microscopic and Macroscopic Collisions
Jul 01 Catharina Effective field theories for weak interactions with nuclei (Proposal presentation)
Jun 17 Jonas Evaluation of MBPT diagrams
Jun 10 Jan Importance Truncation in the IMSRG
May 31 YannickBachelor presentation
May 20 Lars Ab initio and DFT
May 06 MatthiasStatus and perspectives on three-body operators in the IMSRG
Apr 29 CorbinianPions in nuclear matter
Apr 22 CatharinaNeutrinoless double-beta decay from an effective field theory for heavy nuclei
Apr 15 MargaridaApplication of Eigenvector Continuation to the Anharmonic Oscillator
Apr 08 KaiStatus on 3NF normal ordering project and impressions from the GPU Hackathon
Mar 25 AlexLow-rank matrix decompositions in ab initio nuclear structure
Mar 18 AchimAstrophysical constraints on the symmetry energy and the neutron skin of 208Pb with minimal modeling assumptions
Mar 12 RodricOne- and two-body magnetic moment operator matrix elements with respect to a three-body basis
Mar 04 TylerSoft interactions in cold QM at NNNLO
Feb 25 PierreFormalism and automated generation for Bogoliubov IMSRG
Feb 18 Matthias Analysis of three body effects in the in-medium similarity renormalization group
Feb 11 SabrinaConstraining the EOS with multimessenger observations of neutron stars and heavy-ion collisions
Jan 28 Jan Importance Truncation in the IMSRG
Jan 21 JonasGaussian Processes
Jan 14         Yeunhwan Neutron Star and Nuclear Equation of State
Dec 17 Lars Density-matrix expansion for 3N forces & DFT orbitals in IMSRG
Dec 10 MirkoExploring the equation of state beyond nuclear saturation density from neutron star observations (Master presentation)
Dec 03 SvenjaConstraining the nuclear equation of state from nuclear physics and neutron star observations
Nov 26 Corbinian Renormalization of irrelevant interactions
Nov 23 Achim Renormalization group advancesfor nuclei and strong interaction matter
Nov 12 Kai Novel normal ordering framework for 3N interactions
Nov 05 Rodric Doctoral defence rehearsal
Nov 02 Catharina Neutrinoless double-beta decay from an effective field theory for heavy nuclei
Oct 27 Alex Low-rank structure of nuclear interactions
Oct 23 Pierre Generating many-body diagrams: The case for MBPT
Oct 21 Matthias Analysis of three-body effects in the in-medium similarity renormalization group (Master presentation)
Oct 08 Tyler EoS of NSs and pQCD
Oct 01 Lars Comparing different density-matrix expansions for long-range pion exchange
Sep 17 Sabrina EOS functional for astrophysical applications
Sep 10 Jonas Asymmetric nuclear matter
Sep 03 Jan Importance Truncation in the IMSRG
Aug 27 Yeunhwan Nuclear matter properties and statistical modeling
Aug 20 Matthias Some IMSRG(3) (preliminary) results
Aug 13 Svenja EOS of asymmetric nuclear matter and beta equilibrium
Jul 16 Mirko Fermi liquid theory vs. Fermi gas for neutrons
Jul 09 Rodric Magnetic properties of light nuclei
Jul 02 Kai Novel normal ordering framework for 3N interactions
Jun 18 Corbinian ODME
Jun 04 Alex Tensor-structured many-body theory
May 29 Achim
May 14 Sabrina EOS constrained by nuclear physics, observations and high-density QCD calculations
May 07 Lars Density-matrix expansions for scalar parts of one-body density matrices
Apr 29 Faruk Wednesday 3pm, Bachelor talk
Apr 23 Mirko Proposal talk
Apr 16 Matthias 9:30, Proposal talk
Apr 09 Jan Properties of single-particle bases and applications in the IM-SRG
Apr 02 Hannah Bachelor talk
Mar 26 Jonas Neutron matter at finite temperatures
Mar 12 Yeunhwan Nuclear pasta from finite range interactions
Feb 27 Svenja Implications for the EOS from neutron star observation
Feb 13 Mirko Neutron star properties and how to calculate them
Jan 30 Kai Novel chiral 3N interactions for QMC and HO expansion methods
Jan 23         Rodric Uncertainty quantification
Dec 19 Matthias Alternative SRG generators
Dec 12 Corbinian From weak to strong coupling with perturbation theory (?)
Dec 05 Alex Eigenvector continuation and the nuclear many-body problem
Nov 28 Achim Correlations between nuclear properties, EOS, and neutron star properties
Nov 21 Sabrina ASTREOS CACAO (ASTRophysical EOS
Consistent with Ab initio CAlculations & Observations)
Nov 14 Jonas Finite temperature equation of state
Nov 07 Kai SRG evolution of 3N interactions vs. low-energy fits
Oct 24 Jan Natural orbits and application in the IM-SRG
Oct 17 Catharina Effective theory for beta-decays: Uncertainty quantification
Sep 12 Sebastian Perturbation theory for few-body states
Sep 05 Svenja EOS extrapolation and tidal deformability of neutron stars
Aug 29 Yeunhwan Nuclear equation of state fot hot, dense matter
Aug 22 Lars One-body density matrix & density-matrix expansion
Aug 08 Mirko Speed of sound model and the pressure-radius relation
Jun 27 Matthias Neural networks and Bayesian neural networks
Jun 13 Rodric Two-body currents from chiral EFT
Jun 06 Corbinian Extrapolation of EFT expansions & black magic
May 23 Achim Spin-polarized neutron matter & maximum mass of neutron stars
May 16 Jan EM transition strengths and moments in IM-SRG
May 08 Kai
Apr 24 Sebastian Eigenvector continuation in nuclear physics
Apr 17 Svenja
Apr 03 Sabrina Equation of state effects in core-collapse supernovae
Mar 13 Toño Odd-mass axially-deformed nuclei
Mar 06 Matthias SRG in a 1-Dimensional setting
Feb 20 Lars
Feb 13 Rodric EM currents from chiral EFT in few-body systems
Jan 30 Victoria
Jan 23 Corbinian
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