Hallway in the theory center
Our research interests are in understanding and predicting strongly interacting systems in the laboratory and in the cosmos, ranging from universal properties at the interface of nuclear physics and ultracold atoms, to the structure of matter in neutron-rich nuclei and at the extremes in neutron stars and supernovae. Our research is based on effective field theory and renormalization group methods. One of our highlights is the development of the renormalization group to nuclear forces, which has led to universal interactions for nuclei and nuclear astrophysics, and to novel many-body approaches.

Chiral effective field theory opens up a systematic path to investigate nuclear forces and electroweak interactions. At the moment, we are exploring the predicted interactions in neutron-rich nuclei, where our pioneering studies have revealed new facets of three-body forces at neutron-rich extremes, and for electroweak transitions in nuclei and neutrino processes in supernovae.

More detailed information about our research will be available soon.
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