Effective field theory and many-body theory

Effective field theory and many-body theory


Achim Schwenk
S2|11 205, Tel. -21550
Office hour/help room: Wednesday 2-3pm, starting April 29

This course will give an introduction to effective theories and the physics of many-body systems, with special attention to modern concepts and to applications ranging from cold atoms to nuclei, neutron stars and condensed matter systems.


  • Zoom link for remote lectures and office hour/help room, as well as links to video recording have been sent via TUCAN messages. If you are interested in joining the lectures, please register in TUCAN or contact me by email.


  1. Organizational matters
  2. Nuclear forces: scattering and bound states
  3. Low resolution: pionless effective field theory (EFT)
  4. Many-body ingredients for strong interacting systems
  5. Many-body approaches
      Lecture June 19
      Lecture June 23
      Lecture June 26
      Lecture June 30
      • Please work through the notes on Superconductivity and Nambu-Gorkov Formalism at the end of the last lecture (starting pdf p. 20) before our lecture on Friday.
      • Please remember to send me any corrections to the material by email as text or pdf (or scanned pdf).

  6. QCD, the theory of the strong interaction
  7. High resolution: chiral EFT
  8. Ingredients for nuclear calculations
  9. Survey of applications
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