Nuclear Theory / Theoretische Kernphysik

Nuclear Theory / Theoretische Kernphysik


Achim Schwenk
S2|11 205, Tel. -21550
Office hour (via zoom): Thursdays 9-10am

This course provides an introduction to modern nuclear theory. The lecture will be held in English, as all references are in English; questions and discussions in German are of course welcome. The homework problems will be designed to improve the understanding of and to explore the topics covered in the lecture.


  • Extended deadline to hand in solutions for problem set 3: Wednesday, Jan.20, 9:00.
  • Please note the new problem set 3 below (as well as solutions to the previous problem sets).
  • Please note the extensive material from the INT TALENT course (see below).
  • All lectures will be recorded and made available.
  • There are no stupid questions!
  • Please let us know if something can be improved.


  1. Organizational matters and guiding principles (final)
  2. Introduction to nuclei and strong interactions (final) (slides)
  3. Nuclear forces: scattering and bound states (uncommented notes, final)
    (Advances Quantum Mechanics notes on scattering theory)
  4. Effective theories for low energies
    Lecture Jan. 13, Jan. 15, Jan. 20
  5. Many-body basics
  6. Many-body methods for nuclei and nuclear matter
  7. Chiral effective field theory for nuclear forces and applications to nuclei


Exercise groups (approx. biweekly)

Participation and solving homework sets are essential for understanding the material.

AFri, 9:50-11:30Kai Hebeler
BFri, 9:50-11:30Alexander Tichai


Lecture notes will be provided. An extensive set of material is also given at
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