Sebastian König

Sebastian König

Herzberg Fellow
Room S2|11 206
+49 6151 16 21556

Areas of Research

  • Effective field theory
  • Few-body systems
  • Nuclear interactions

Academic CV

2004 - 2010:
Undergraduate studies in Physics and Astronomy at Bonn University
International Asian Studies Programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Diplom degree at Bonn University. Thesis: "Coulomb effects in pionless effective field theory"
2010 - 2013:
Doctoral studies in Physics at Bonn University
Doctoral degree at Bonn University. Thesis: "Effective quantum theories with short- and long-range forces"
2013 - 2016:
Postdoctoral researcher at The Ohio State University
since 2016:
Herzberg Fellow at TU Darmstadt


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