Course page for Physics 673

Quantum Field Theory II

This is the course page for the second semester of graduate Quantum Field Theory at McGill university. The course will be team taught by Keshav DasGupta, Guy Moore, Sangyong Jeon, and James Cline.

The course meets in Rutherford Physics room 114 on Tuesday/Thursday from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Guy Moore will be the responsible organizer. My contact information is:

Assistant Professor Guy D. Moore
Rutherford Physics Room 313
Phone: (514-398-)4345
e-mail: guymoore at
Office hours: whenever you catch me

The course syllabus is available in postscript or pdf.

The course will continue where Physics 610 left off; the end of Chapter 10 of

M. Peskin and D. Schroeder, An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory.

If you still need the book, look here or here.



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Lecture topics

A preliminary plan for lectures is included below. This includes the topic, the reading in Peskin associated with it, and the instructor. It is quite possible that the schedule will slip from what is shown here.

Date Lecture topic Reading Instructor
4 January Renormalization generalities Peskin 10.1 Keshav
9 January Power counting Peskin 10.1 Keshav
11 January Renormalization systematics, phi4 theory Peskin 10.2 Keshav
16 January Renormalization in Yukawa and QED Peskin 10. Keshav
18 January Renormalization of QED Peskin Keshav
23 January Symmetry breaking and renormalization Peskin 11 Keshav
25 January Solitons. Wilsonian RG Peskin 12.2 and 12.3 Keshav
30 January Wilsonian Renormalization Group Peskin Keshav
1 February Kallan-Symanzik equation Peskin Keshav
6 February Yang-Mills: Geometric Picture Peskin 15.1 Guy
8 February Yang-Mills: Lagrangian Peskin 15.2 Guy
13 February Lie algebras, representations, Youngs' Tableaux Peskin 15.4 Guy
15 February Yang-Mills: perturbation theory, ghosts Peskin 16.1-16.3 Guy
27 February Yang-Mills: 1-loop beta function Peskin 16.5 Guy
1 March Yang-Mills: BRST invariance Peskin 16.4 Guy
6 March Axial anomaly Peskin Chapter 19 Guy
8 March What Is QCD Peskin 17.1 Sangyong
13 March Quark production in e+e- Peskin 17.2 Sangyong
15 March Deep Inelastic Scattering Peskin 17.3 Sangyong
20 March Drell-Yan, 2-Jet Peskin 17.4 Sangyong
22 March Splitting and parton evolution Peskin 17.5 Sangyong
27 March Penultimate Sangyong ?? Sangyong??
29 March Ultimate Sangyong ?? Sangyong??
3 April Higgs mechanism at tree level Peskin 20.1 Jim
5 April Electroweak model at tree level Peskin 20.2 Jim
10 April R-xi gauge fixing, ghosts + pseudo-Goldstones Peskin 21.1 Jim