Course homepage for Physics 731

This is the homepage for Physics 731, "Supersymmetry and Supergravity," offered at McGill physics, Winter 2007.

Organizational information

Lectures are MW1:30-3PM, in Rutherford 326 (3rd floor preprint room).


Instructor Office email
Keshav Dasgupta 321keshav
Andrew Frey 327Bfrey
Marc Grisaru 312grisaru
Anke Knauf 327Bknauf
Guy Moore 313guymoore
Omid Saremi 327Comid

Offices are in Rutherford, and emails are Office hours are by appointment. There is no teaching assistant.


Here are PDF and postscript versions of the syllabus, which includes this information as well as our list of hopefully covered topics.


The grade for the course will be 60% homework and 40% participation, which includes reading assignments. For each reading assignment, you should turn in a list of your questions to the lecturer the day before the class meeting. These questions will form part of your participation grade.

Since there is no grader for the class, you will grade another student's assignment each week, based on a rotating schedule. Solution sets will be posted below, with the assignments. You should turn in graded assignments to Guy Moore.

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments will be posted here. They will NOT be handed out in class. All homework should be submitted to Guy Moore by the due date, either in person, under his door, or in his departmental mailbox. Solutions: Removed for security reasons (to prevent bank fraud)

Readings and schedule

Useful readings:

S. Martin, A Supersymmetry Primer, hep-ph/9709356
M. Sohnius, Introducing Supersymmetry, Phys. Reports 128
P. Fayet & S. Ferrara, Supersymmetry, Phys. Reports 32
P. Argyres, Lectures on Supersymmetry, 1996 notes
S. Gates, M. Grisaru, M. Rocek, & W. Siegel, Superspace, or One Thousand and One Lessons in Supersymmetry, hep-th/0108200
W. Siegel, Fields, hep-th/9912205
S. Weinberg, The Quantum Theory of Fields, vol. 1 & 3
J. Wess & J. Bagger, Supersymmetry and Supergravity


We will use conventions for the metric, Lorentz algebra, and spinors as in Martin §2, except when otherwise noted. You should be familiar with these.

Lecture and Reading Schedules

Following is a course schedule with reading assignments. Reading should be completed before the class indicated, and a list of your questions should be given to the lecturer the day before the class.

The schedule will be filled out as the course progresses. The exact emphasis may depend on the expressed interests of the students.
Date Instructor Lecture Topic Reading
1/3MoorePoincaré Symmetry & RepresentationsThese Notes
1/8Moorecontinued Weinberg handout
1/10Mooreoverflow time
1/15FreySUSY as Generalization of PoincaréSohnius §2
1/17FreyState Supermultiplets Sohnius §3.1-4
1/22Freyoverflow time
1/24KnaufField Supermultiplets Sohnius §3.6, 4.1-5
1/29Knaufoverflow time
1/31GrisaruSuperspace Sohnius §7.1-4
2/5GrisaruSuperfields Sohnius §7.5-10
2/7GrisaruSUSY Lagrangians 1001 §3.7, 4.1
2/12Grisaruoverflow time
2/14KnaufGauge Theory & Wess-Zumino Gauge Sohnius §9.1-4
2/26No lectureNA
2/28SaremiSUSY Lagrangian Review I TBA
3/5SaremiSUSY Lagrangian Review II TBA
3/7KnaufD>4 SupersymmetrySohnius 12.1, 12.2, 13.1, 14.1
3/12KnaufD>4 SupersymmetrySohnius 14.2, 14.3, 14.4
3/14FreySupersymmetry Breaking Fayet and Ferrara, Sec. 4.1--4.6 OR 1001 sections 8.1, 3,4b
3/19FreySupersymmetry Breaking Witten NPB202 (1982), found HERE
3/21MooreStandard Model review Burgess and Moore: scan 2.1, read 2.2, scan 2.3 available here
3/26MooreThe MSSM Martin, chapter 4, sections 5.1 to 5.3
3/28MooreThe MSSM Martin, 7.1
4/2MooreThe MSSM Martin, 7.2

Grading rotation

Here is an ordered list of the students in the course (alphabetically). To find out who will grade your assignment, add your number to the assignment number and mod by 12. To find out whose assignment you grade, subtract the assignment number from your number and mod by 12.
  1. Barnaby, Neil
  2. Caron-Huot, Simon
  3. Cyr-Racine, Francis
  4. Dorais, Vincent
  5. Franche, Paul
  6. Gwyn, Rhiannon
  7. Lachapelle, Jean
  8. Marquette, Ian
  9. Patil, Subodh
  10. Stewart, Andrew
  11. Sully, James
  12. Vincent, Aaron