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Prof. Dr. Robert Roth
Institut für Kernphysik - Theoriezentrum
Schlossgartenstr. 2 - Gebäude S211
Welcome to the TNP++ web site. You will find information about the group, our research program, our teaching activities, and much more on these pages.
  • TURM Observatory Website... Now Live
    September 2020
    R. Roth
    Finally, the web site for the TURM Observatory is online! It is only the start and we expect much more material to appear there over the coming months. Already now you can find lots of information on our instrumentation at the TURM and TURMX setups, as well as images and the status information. Visit us at:
  • Family of Chiral Interactions for Accurate Nuclear Structure Studies
    August 2020
    R. Roth
    Our latest paper on a "Family of Chiral Two- plus Three-Nucleon Interactions for Accurate Nuclear Structure Studies" has appeared in Physics Letters B. This is a real milestone for us: For the first time we have a family of chiral interactions from LO up to N3LO for three different cutoff values that reproduces experimental ground-state energies and charge radii at the same time over a wide mass range. For us, this will be a game changer for a range of nuclear structure applications... lots of work to do!
  • Review: Many-Body Perturbation Theories for Finite Nuclei
    June 2020
    R. Roth
    We have published an extensive review article on "Many-Body Perturbation Theories for Finite Nuclei" together with Alexander Tichai and Thomas Duguet in Frontiers in Physics. This review provides a detailed introduction and discussion of different versions of many-body perturbation theory applied to finite nuclei. Definitely a good starting point if you want to learn about perturbation theory in the context of nuclear structure... and it's fully open access.
  • Advanced Lab Course on Photometry
    May 2020
    R. Roth
    After a test phase during the winter 2019/20 the advanced lab course (Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum) on "Photometry in Astrophysics" has started regular operation in summer 2020. Due to the current restrictions at the TU, the lab course will be offered in a fully remote/digital format, i.e., you can do everything from your computer at home. You will perform remote observation of a short-period variable star and a transiting exoplanet using our TURMX telescope, located in Spain. More at this web page.
  • TURMX Observatory
    August 2019
    R. Roth
    While waiting for the completion of the construction work at the Uhrturm in the heart of the downtown campus of TU Darmstadt, we have installed a telescope system at a very remote location in the Extremadura Region ins Spain. Hosted at the E-EyE Astronomical Complex, this observatory will provide perfect sky conditions for night-time observations and we will use for advanced lab courses and other teaching and student activities in the Physics Department. Stay tuned for more information...
  • Joint Experiment-Theory Letter on the Radii of Boron-Isotopes
    May 2019
    R. Roth
    Another nice example of experiment-theory collaboration: Together with the group of Wilfried Nörtershäuser and several researchers from the US we have published a Physical Review Letter on the charge radii of Boron-10 and Boron-11... a combination of precision experiments and theories! Have a look at the TU Press Release.
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