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Prof. Dr. Robert Roth
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Welcome to the TNP++ web site. You will find information about the group, our research program, our teaching activities, and much more on these pages.
  • TU News Article on the TURM Observatory
    September 2021
    R. Roth
    The TU has published a nice news article on the TURM Observatory and our activities. Have a look at the main TU Darmstadt website. Some of our astro images have also been posted on the Instagram channel of the University.
  • Advanced Lab Course on Solar Physics
    April 2021
    R. Roth
    Starting this summer, we offer a new advanced lab course (Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum) on the "Physics of the Solar Atmosphere" -- our second one. Using the different telescopes of the TURM Observatory, the students oberve the sun in different wavelength windows, including narrowband observations tuned on specific atomic transitions. In addition to the study of atmospheric features, like sun spots and prominences, the students measure the limb darkening and the differential rotation of the sun. Due to the current restrictions at the TU, the lab course will be offered in a remote/digital format, i.e., the students operate the observatory from their computer at home. More information on our solar observations at TURM web page.
  • Precision Study of Magnetic Dipole Observables in Lithium-6
    March 2021
    R. Roth
    In a new publication in Physical Review Letters we present a joint experiment and theory work on magnetic dipole observables in Lithium-6. Both, the measurement at the S-DALINAC and the ab initio NCSM calculations aim for a much improved precision for determining the M1 transition strength between the excited 0+ state and the ground state. For the ab initio calculation this implies the use of two-body corrections to the M1 operator resulting from chiral effective field theory as well as a consistent treatment of this operator throughout the calculation. We find a remarkable agreement with experiment. You can find more information in the news piece at the TU Darmstadt web page.
  • Remote Summer School at the Galileo Galilei Institute in Florence
    March 2021
    R. Roth
    I was happy to be one of the lecturers at this years school on "Frontiers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics" (FNHP2021) at the Galileo Galilei Institute in Florence, together with a number of great colleagues from the field of threoretical nuclear physics. Also this teaching activity was affected by the pandemic and had to take place as a remote event. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and there were many lively discussion with the students. As benefit of this format, the recordings of all the lectures are available via the Youtube channel of the Galileo Galilei Institute. You can find the slides of my lectures as well as the links to the Youtube videos on this page.
  • Bachelor Theses... Remote
    February 2021
    R. Roth
    The winter semester is coming to an end - it was the second semester of digital teaching/learning and home-office for the group. This is also true for the students that joined the group for their Bachelor thesis project. Over the past year we had a large number of students in the group that all did an excellent job with their thesis research under difficult conditions. Some of them never had a chance to physically work at the institute and enjoy the team in person - I hope we can make up for this in the future. A big thanks and congratulations to all of you: Paul Christians, Jonas Winter, Lisa Wagner, Cedric Wenz, Daniel Kromm, and Katharina Schröder... and welcome to all of the new students!
  • Athene Sonderpreis "Digitale Lehre" 2020
    November 2020
    R. Roth
    The Athene Sonderpreis "Digitale Lehre" 2020 was awarded to Franco Laeri and Robert Roth for establishing the TURM Observatory at the Department of Physics. We are very happy about this award and are motivated to push forward with this project... there is more to come. For more information on the Athene awards see the TU news piece. For more information on the TURM Observatory and our activities visit
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