Monday, June 10th

  1. E. Epelbaum, New Developments in Chiral EFT for Nuclear Forces

  2. D. Entem, Infinite Cutoff Regularization of Chiral NN Forces  [PDF]

  3. H. Krebs, Chiral Nuclear Forces with Explicit Deltas

  4. W. Tornow, Unsolved Problems in Few-Nucleon Scattering at Low Energies  [PDF]

  5. H. Witala, 3N Reactions with Chiral Forces  [PDF]

  6. G. Orlandini, Integral Transform Approaches for Reactions in the Continuum  [PDF]

  7. W. Leidemann, The Lorentz Integral Transform and Resonances  [PDF]

Tuesday, June 11th

  1. D. Lee, Nuclear Structure and Excitations from Lattice Effective Field Theory  [PDF]

  2. A. Schwenk, Nuclear Forces and Neutron-Rich Systems  [PDF]

  3. K. Hebeler, Neutron-Rich Matter from Chiral EFT Interactions  [PDF]

  4. A. Calci, Similarity Renormalization Group and Next Generation Chiral Interactions  [PDF]

  5. T. Otsuka, Shapes of Medium-Mass Exotic Nuclei and MCSM Calculations

  6. T. Abe, Monte Carlo Shell Model Towards ab initio Nuclear Structure  [PDF]

  7. A. Mukherjee, Quantum Monte Carlo in the Configuration Interaction Framework  [PDF]

  8. E. Ruiz Arriola, Towards an Estimation of Nuclear Forces and Nuclear Matrix Elements Uncertainties:
    Chiral vs Non-Chiral  [PDF]

Wednesday, June 12th

  1. N. Kalantar , What Have We Learned about Three-Nucleon Systems at Intermediate Energies?

  2. P. Maris, No-Core Configuration Interaction Calculations for p-Shell Nuclei

  3. P. Navrátil, Ab Initio Calculations of Bound and Unbound States  [PDF]

  4. J. Langhammer, Chiral 3N Forces in Ab-Initio Nuclear Spectroscopy and Reactions  [PDF]

  5. J. Vary  (ECT* Colloquium), Perspectives on the Origins of Nuclear Structure

  6. T. Varese, Renormalization of N3LO Chiral Potentials with Multiple Subtractions

  7. A. Deltuva, Four-Nucleon Reactions  [PDF]

  8. M. Viviani, Effect of 3N Forces in A=4 Scattering  [PDF]

Thursday, June 13th

  1. G. Hagen, Nuclear Structure and Reactions from Coupled Cluster Theory  [PDF]

  2. S. Binder, Coupled-Cluster Calculations for Medium-Mass Nuclei  [PDF]

  3. C. Barbieri, Three-Nucleon Forces in Neutron Rich and Open-Shell Isotopes  [PDF]

  4. G. Papadimitriou, (No-core) Gamow Shell Model Calculations of Weakly Bound Nuclei

  5. K. Moghabi, Perturbative Treatment of the Many-Body Problem in Nuclear Matter  [PDF]

  6. J. Holt, Microscopic Optical Potential from Chiral Two- and Three-Body Forces  [PDF]

  7. F. Sammarruca, A Comparison between Different Microscopic Approaches to Neutron-Rich Matter  [PDF]

  8. L. Coraggio, Regulator Dependence of Chiral Potentials in Calculations for Infinite Nuclear Matter  [PDF]

Friday, June 14th

  1. A. Covello, Shell-Model Calculations with Realistic Low-Momentum Two-Body Effective Interactions  [PDF]

  2. P. Vesely, Selfconsistent Mean Field Calculations of the Nuclear Response…  [PDF]

  3. H .Hergert, In-Medium SRG with Chiral NN+3N Interactions  [PDF]

Below you will find a list of talks presented at the workshop. Please click on the [PDF] tag to download the PDF file of the talk.